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Sadhna School: Sadhna of Indian Traditions, Culture and Values


    • The Sadhna School was originally established by the families of Dr. Shashi and Latika Lalvani & Dr. Ajay and Sunayna Ponkshe in July 2007.

    • The School, mainly directed at serving the needs of Indian American children in grades K-12 of Northern Cincinnati, Ohio suburbs, provides a platform for disseminating information on religious and cultural traditions of India.

    • In 2007, the educational format was based on the practices followed by the Sunday school and the Bal Vihar, run under the directions of Dr. Meera Komarraju of Carbondale, IL and Mr. Sudhir Brahmbhatt of St. Louis, MO, respectively. The School conducted every month on the third Sunday typically at the residence of Dr. Ajay and Sunayna Ponkshe, saw the student enrollment double in December 2007 from a number of 25 in July 2007. Delighted by this enthusiastic response from the students and their parents, and overwhelmed by increasing number of interested students in the limited space of a residence, there was only one option: Find bigger facility to hold the class. Some more families came forward to help, and the Sadhna school development team was born, in order to help improve the learning experience for the students.

    • As a result of the hard work of Sadhna School team, now a local large facility is used to conduct Sadhna School Classes. The class format and the curriculum are based on the mission, and the classes are conducted by the talented parent teachers for three separate age groups. These classes involve hands on activities as well as interactive audio visual presentations, where students learn about Indian cultural heritage.

From "Sunday school" to "Sadhna School":

  • The name 'Sadhna School' represents Sadhna, a Sanskrit word meaning disciplined and regular practice towards a goal. A large part of our educational philosophy involves training students in music and arts to enable them to appreciate nuances of human values. In addition, story-telling rooted in mythology, religion, folklore and history serves to develop a sense of moral compass.

Proud of our Indian heritage