Mission Statement

Sadhna School :Sadhna of Indian Traditions, Culture and Values

Our Objective

  • Our children should be able to grow up to be self-confident individuals, proud of their Indian heritage.

Our Mission

    • To provide an opportunity for our children to discover their cultural bond with India and develop pride in their Indian identity.

    • To introduce Indian cultural heritage and traditions through chanting prayers, singing bhajans and sharing simple stories from Indian mythology.

    • To provide a learning environment where children can meet and share a common value system and feel a sense of identity with Indian culture.

    • To imbibe the Indian spirit within our children by making them aware of India and its historical and contemporary achievements.

Our Purpose

  • Children of Indian origin who understand their cultural heritage will be able to share this knowledge with their American colleagues and friends and we hope that the children will grow up in the Indian tradition with their parents, and eventually pass it on to others.

Proud of our Indian heritage