Class Plan Feb 2009

Class Plan February 2009

Sadhna School: Sadhana of Indian Traditions, Culture and Values

11:30- Noon: Bal Gopal ( Pre-K-2nd Graders) and Nand Kishor:

Learning about

India and its Music 3:


Famous Vocalists and Musicians of

India.Play the recordings to recognize the sounds.An audiovisual and interactive presentation


Achala Vagal and Ashish Narvekar

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February event : Mahashivratri

10:30 AM:Prayers and Bhajans

10:55 AM: Story of Shiva

11:10-11:20 AM: Shanti Paath

followed by Aarti

11:20-11:30 AM: Yogaasan in groups of 20 kids

Proud of our Indian heritage