Class plan April 19 2009

Sadhna School: Sadhana of Indian Traditions, Culture and Values

Class Plan April 19,2009

Meet at 11:30 am at Gurudwara

Proud of our Indian heritage

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April events : Mahavir Jayanti and Baisakhi

April 19: No regular Class. Trip to Gurudwara in West Chester: According to Gurudwra staff, the recommended time to arrive there is 11:30 am. Dr Satinder Singh will guide us. Sadhna School children should plan to be there for at least one hour. Snack will be provided between 12:30 to 1 pm to Sadhna School children. Please wear Festive Indian clothes, and bring a scarf/ chunni/ hankerchief from home to cover your head at all times while you are in Gurudwara. You are encouraged to stay for Langar (Divine Lunch) which is served at 2:00 pm, and is prepared by sikh families living in Cincinnati. This is a really good opportunity to learn about Sikh Religion and culture which originated in India

Guru Nanak Society Sikh Gurdwara is located at 4394 Tylersville Road in Hamilton, OH - 45011. The maps posted above should help you find directions to the Gurdwara. This is an interactive map which can be zoomed in or scrolled to see directions from your home.

Here we have marked Mason community campus as 'A' and Gurdwara as 'B' for your planning purpose.

Due to Baisakhi, there may not be enough parking space in Gurudwara parking lot. Car pooling is strongly recommended.

And please wear colorful India clothes!!

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April 19, 11:30 am: Meet at Gurudwara in West Chester.