calendar and Curriculum 2012-13

Calendar and Curriculum

All classes start at 10:30 am

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Curriculum Theme: HINDU TRADITION: Epics of India

2012-13 Calendar

Aug 19, 2012- class plan

Sept 16. 2012-class plan

Dashavatar-1 by Krishna

Nov 18, 2012-Class Plan

Ramayana-part 2: Ayodhya Kanda by Shashi

Oct 21, 2012-Class plan

Dashavatar-2 by Latika

Dec 16, 2012- Class Plan

Ramayana part 3: Aranya Kanda by Kashmira

Mar 3, 2013-Class Plan

Ramayana Part 6: Lanka Kanda-1 by Krishna

May 5, 2013- Class Plan

Curriculum Review and Quiz

Overview: Hindu Tradition by Shashi

Nov 4, 2012-Class Plan

Ramayana- Part 1 :Bal Kanda by Ajay

Jan 20, 2013- Class Plan

Ramayana Part 4: Kishkindha Kanda by Jyoti

March 17, 2013-Class Plan

Ramayana Part 7: Lanka Kanda-2 by Sandhya

Feb 17,2013-Class Plan

Ramayana Part 5: Sundara Kanda by Latika

April 7, 2013- Class Plan

Ramayana Part 8: Uttara Kanda by Komal

Annual Project Assignment

Proud of our indian heritage