Annual Art Project Assignment 



 The subject of these projects is based on our current curriculum, to reinforce the learning.

When is it due? : May 5 2013 (Before the beginning of our next Sadhna School Class 10:15-10:30 am)


For drawings and coloring, use standard or legal size card stock paper or poster paper/ board (paper that is thicker and more durable than normal writing or printing paper)

For paper lanterns, size is the only limit. Finished product should fit in a 12 inch cube. Use any paper (printed, white, colored or any recyclable)

  • How to submit your project:
  • The students should write their full name and grade at the top right hand corner on the back of the drawing and enclose it in an envelope or plastic (to protect the artwork) before submitting the drawing.
  • Lantern should also have a label with child's name and grade. It should be submitted enclosed in a bag. 

    All the students have complete freedom to choose any coloring medium (Pencils, water color, ink, crayons or markers, cut and glue colored paper etc)some examples are shown on this page

  • Grades K, 1 and 2

           Draw and color your favorite deity (e.g. Hanuman, Shiva, Ganesh, Saraswati,            Ram, Krishna, Lakshmi , Durga and the list goes on) on a standard card                       paper (8.5 x11). Paper can be colored or white.  The drawing can be from                   imagination or they can see an example and draw.

  •  Grade 3

            Make a colorful paper lantern OR draw and color your favorite avatar from                dashavatar on 11x17 size card paper. Students can draw a complete scene                depicting action if they prefer.

  •   Grade 4

            Make a colorful paper lantern OR draw a colorful scene from the story                        of  Ramayana on 11x17 card paper.

  •   Grade 5-7

            Make a colorful paper lantern  OR draw a colorful Diwali scene  on                                11x17  card paper .

            Parents please encourage and help your children pay attention to detail                    while they work on the project. It is very easy for kids to get discouraged                and give up, when they do not like their creation. Help them maintain their                efforts by encouraging them and taking interest in their work.  All the work             will be displayed on the Annual Day.