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Ganesh Shloka: Prayer to Lord Ganesha

Shuklaambara Dharam Vishnum 

shukla - white ; ambara - garment ; dharam - worn, adorned ; vishnum - all pervading ; 

(Dressed in White and all pervading, omnipresent)

Shashi Varnam Chatur Bhujam 

shashi -- moon, pure, white ; varnam -- colour ; chatur- four ;bhujam --hands

(Moon Hued, shines like the moon and Four armed one)

                  Prasanna Vadanam Dhyaayet
prasanna -- happy ; vadanam -- face ; dhyayeth -- pray, meditate ;
(With smiling face so pleasing, upon you we meditate, we pray)

Sarva Vighnopashaanthaye (vighna upa shantaye)

    sarva -- all ; vighna -- obstacles ; upa -- near ; shantaye --silence or bliss

(For removing all obstacles, to bring peace)

Simple Translation

O lord, who adorns the white garment, who is all pervading ,

who is of moon or white colour, who has four hands,

who bears a happy face,

we pray to please remove all obstacles

Translation from our class

One who is dressed in white,

One who is omnipresent,

One who shines like the moon,

One with four arms,

One who is always smiling,

To that almighty Lord Ganesha,

We pray to clear all the obstacles whether material

or spiritual in our way.

FOR 5TH GRADE AND UP ( Deeper meaning)

shukla = pure, spotless, bright, white
ambara = garment, sky
dharam = holding, bearing, wearing
vishnum = all pervading, lord Vishnu, ever conscious

Oh pure, spotless, all pervading, ever conscious One;

= moon, white, pure
(as a verb it is ever changing and ever new, eternally youthful)
varnam = hue, color
shashi varnam= every object (human beings, plants, all animals, all stellar bodies including planets, asteroids, suns, stars, comets, black holes, in this cosmos including the empty space or absolute void)is hued with that tinge of purity
chatur = four 
bhujam = hand, arm, branch, The value of a coordinate on the horizontal axis
chaturbhujam = four coordinates of the axes – which means, three coordinates
x, y, z and the fourth coordinate is time. Omnipresent and ever conscious through all times.

Covering everything in the cosmos, holding the cosmos with serenity, tranquility (Love), all over (omnipresent) and through all times;

prasanna = pleasing, tranquil, pure, serene
vadanam = face, space
prasannavadanam = that space (whole cosmos ) which is full of tranquility, stillness and eternal silence – with full of Love.
dhyayet = meditate

Having a pure space (smiling face) with serenity and tranquility(Love), we meditate upon You

sarva = all, whole
vighna = difficulty, hurdle, obstacle
upa = towards, into, lead to, near
shantaye = (lead to) shanti or bliss

so that you make us whole by removing all our obstacles (which are illusory obstacles) and merge us into or make us one with that infinite bliss. (may we attain Self Realization)