Prominent People of India

Presentation Schedule 2010-11

Sadhna School: Sadhana of Indian Traditions, Culture and Values

  • Our 7th and 8th graders are smart and confident individuals, who will prepare short 5 minute presentation after researching and studying the life of one prominent personality from many Contemporary Prominent Indians in various fields (Visual arts, Music, Sports, Science and Business). The purpose is to learn about the people who have taken India to new heights, and to inspire our younger students, who look up to the senior group.

  • 9/26/10 Soniya Yeolekar Presenting A R RAHMAN- (MUSICIAN )
    • 10/17/10-Adish Pawar Presenting SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN-( MATHEMATICIAN)- Cancelled, To be rescheduled.

    • 10/17/10-Mihir Parshionikar Presenting SATYAJIT RAY-(FILM MAKER)- Rescheduled to present on December 12
    • 1/23/11-Radhika Upadhye Presenting VISHWANATHAN ANAND- (CHESS CHAMPION)

    • 2/20/11 Animesh Bapat   Presenting LATA MANGESHKAR (VOCALIST)
    • 3/20/11 Atharva Deshmukh Presenting RK LAXMAN (CARTOONIST)
    • April 17, 2011-Annual day- Story presentation of 8th graders with 9th graders Avnika, Meeta and Peeyush
    •  5/15/11 Ashaali Divekar Presenting INDIRA NOOYI- (BUSINESS EXECUTIVE)
    • 5/15/11 Ajay Saraf presenting SACHIN TENDULKAR-(CRICKET)
    • June 19, 2011- Bhajans, Review, Quiz and awards