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Today's class; 10/17/2010

posted Oct 17, 2010, 11:27 AM by latika lalvani   [ updated Oct 17, 2010, 12:50 PM ]
Namaste Parents,
Besides singing our regular shlokas and bhajans, students learnt something new in the class today. Here is an update for you. 
In the class today, we learnt the meaning of Shloka (Sahanavavatu), and learnt about the life and teachings of Sant Gyaneshwar.
We usually hold a separate class for our Nanhe Gopals after Arti. Today, we did not have a separate classroom, so we decided to show the presentation for nanhe gopal
 (Story from Gyaneshwar's life) to the whole class during the story hour.
We could not help repeat some information in Ajay Ponkshe's presentation about Saint Gyaneshwar's life for our Nand Nandans and Nand kishores. 
 Since the students are learning about the events in the history of India, which are difficult for them to grasp, we did not mind repeating that information.
Please show them this 18 minute movie about Saint Gyaneshwar and saints of Maharashtra at home, to reinforce what they are learning in the class.
Thanks to the following parent volunteers today:
Bali family,Bakshi family and Bapat family for coming early and helping set up the class.
Yeolekar family for bringing prasad.
Go to this page to make sure you are available on your turn to volunteer.
Meaning and significance of shlokas is now added to our website. Since we meet once a month, it is crucial for you as a family to stay in touch with these concepts on your own till we meet again.
Have a Happy Dassehra and Diwali
Sadhna School Team