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Parent's Update

posted Oct 13, 2010, 4:56 AM by latika lalvani   [ updated Oct 13, 2010, 6:38 AM ]
Namaste Parents!

Our class, will be held on Sunday Oct 17 at 10:30 am. The class will be held at the same location, in Room #128.

At the following address:
7847 VOA Park Drive
Corner of VOA Park Drive and Cox Road
West Chester, Ohio • 45069

IMPORTANT: Please talk to children at home about the curriculum topics.
What are we studying and Why?

For the first six months in this school year, we are learning about the lives and teachings of Saints and Poets of India. Since we want our students to know and value the history and traditions of India, it is important for them to be exposed to the lives of these great teachers who followed the path of devotion and inspired all the people including the poor and the low cast.

The Bhakti movement started the trend of elaborate rituals in worship places. Devotional hymns in Temples, Qawalli in Mosques, Gurbani in Gurudwaras, etc. all came from the Bhakti movement. Chanting or taking the name of God was considered essential by many saints including the great Adi Shankaracharya. The significance of Bhakti movement was that it could be accessed by anyone, since all it needed was to remember God with full devotion and love. They believed in the fact that true knowledge can be achieved only through selfless devotion and worship of the Supreme Power.

The esteemed philosophical schools only changed the thoughts, but the Bhakti movement changed the entire perspective of a human. It went beyond artificial beliefs and rituals and encouraged people to have just complete faith in Almighty. The Bhakti movement in India gave a rich collection of literature based on devotion, spirituality, faith and numerous devotional hymns and chants.

The four saints we have chosen to study:
July: Introduction, Preview
August: Saint Meerabai, devotee of Krishna, contributed beautiful poetry.
September: Saint Thyagaraja, devotee of Rama, contributed to the field of Music (originator of Carnatic music tradition).
October: Saint Gyaneshwar,
devotee of the spiritual knowledge in Bhagwadgita: Translated and interpreted it from Sanskrit to Marathi for common man.
November: Saint Kabir, devotee of one Supreme power : God, contributed beautiful poetry, and to Guru Granth Sahib.

December: Review and quiz

On October 17, we will talk about Sant Gyaneshwar after singing bhajans and Shlokas
 class plan,
your assigned prasad and class help day (We expect you to be there on your assigned day)
7-8 grader's presentation schedule