All classes start at 10:30 am


Curriculum Theme
 Nandans and Kishores (4th-9th grades): Learning about India and its contemporary achievements
 Gopals (K-3rd grades) : Short stories with moral and creative coloring projects
2011-12 Calendar 
July 17, 2011- class plan
Only Bhajans and stories

Aug 21. 2011-class plan
Overview: Time Line of Indian History

Sept 18, 2011-Class plan
Cricket Sport (Field Day)

Oct 16, 2011-Class Plan
Popular sports of India
Nov 20, 2011-Class Plan
Nobel Laurates of India

Make greeting cards
Dec 18, 2011- Class Plan
Entrepreneur Families of India

Make greeting cards

Jan 15, 2012- Class Plan
Overseas Indians in the field of I.T.,Science, Business and Politics-1

Feb 19, 2012ClassPlan   
Artists and Literary Figures of India-1


Mar 18, 2012-Class Plan
Entertainment Industry of India: Bollywood

April 8- -Bhajans and Story
April 22, 2012
Overseas Indians in the fields of writing, Film making and Arts

May 6, 2012-Class Plan

May 20, 2012-
Annual Day Celebrations