Annual Day and Spring Break Project Assignment for Nanhe Gopals- 4/17/2011

Each enrolled student is recommended to do the spring break project regardless of their participation in the annual day.
The Spring break project will be displayed in the lobby at the entrance on Annual day. Participating students will be recognized and awarded for their work.
Project Due Date :
April 10 between 12-2 pm @

Nanhe Gopals-1 ( 10 Participants)
    Peace Invocation : Sahanavavatu
    Bhajan: Hey Murali Madhava
     1   Agarwal Ruchi K
    2    Sahastrabudhe Tanay K
    Rohan Kulkarni- Pre- K   
     x   Ambani Karina-   1--- can not make it
    4    Choksi    Shivum    1
Deodhar Sharva 1    no rsvp
Goel Ananya 1  not participating
    5    Kamaraju    Pradyun    1
    6    Kulkarni    Sonia    1
Mantro Arnav 1 no rsvp
    x    Morjaria    Maya    1 can not come
    7    Muley    Atharva    1
    8    Patel Saiya    1
    9    Ponkshe    Kunal    1
    10   Arora Rena 1
    x    Sankhala Shailee 1 no rsvp


Nanhe Gopals-2 (11 participants)
Prayer for Teacher : Gurur Brahma  
       Bhajan : BholaNath Umapate
    11    Saraf    Ameya    1
    12    Selar Ayush 1
Sinha Shiv 1 no rsvp
    13    Sumit Advika 1 
    14    Tadwalkar Aryan 1
    x     Aga Arshan 2  not participating
    15    Agarwal Maanav  2
    16    Agarwal Richa 2
x     Bhat Arav 2 no rsvp
    X     Chati Pranav 2 not participating
    17    Deshmukh Avani    2
    18    Mehta Rhea 2
    x     Pande Anushka 2 no rsvp
    19   Patel    Dharma    2
  Shah Akash 2 
    21   Upadhya Abha 2
 Plain Dolls
Example 2
Project Due Date :
April 10 between 12-2 pm @
Lobby Miami U VOALC

        Spring Break Project Assignment for
Nanhe Gopals ( K-2 Graders)
Due April 10, 2011
  • Each student is expected to work on creating a pair of paper dolls wearing Indian clothes.
  • Students are free to chose any Indian attire they like.(e.g. Saree, lehnga, sherwani, kurta, churidar, salwar etc)
  • See the examples on this page.
  • The emphasis should be on the attire and the accessories and not on the face.
  • Submit the final creation on
  • Poster Paper (card stock)size: 8.5"x11"
  • Medium: colored Markers, cut and glued scraps of fabrics, colored paper, paper cuttings from magazines, sequins etc.
  • You are welcome to print and trace the basic plain doll figures from the middle panel and help your child focus on creating an attire. 
Example 3

 Example created by a student for another class