Annual Day Assignment for Nand Nandan-1 4/17/2011
Nand Nandans are expected to memorize one Shloka and one Bhajan assigned to their group.
The Spring Break Project ( Saree Design,Dhoti kurta design)
 The project will be displayed in the lobby at the entrance on Annual day. Participating students will be recognized and awarded for their work.
Project Due Date : April 10 between 12-2 pm @ Lobby Miami U VOALC


 Saree Pattern Design Example

Overall Saree Design Examples 

Nand Nandan-1 ( 10 students)

     Universal prayer : Gayatri Mantra 
    Bhajan: Gananatham Gananatham
     x    Aga    Parinaz    4- not participating
    1    Bhola    Simran    4
    x   Deodhar    Mrugank    4 no rsvp
    2    Divekar    Arnav    4
    3    Doshi    Sonali    4
    x   Ghule    Arnav    4 not in town
    4    Kaneria    Reeya    4
    5    Kulkarni    Nandita    4
    6    Narvekar    Akhil    4
    x    Parikh    Ria    4 can not come
    x    Parshonikar    Avi    4 not participating
    7    Ponkshe    Karishma    4
    8     Rajgopal Aditi    4 
    9    Shrivastav    Srishti    4
    10    Varma    Aishwarya    4

Dhoti Kurta Design Example1

Project Due Date :
April 10 between 12-2 pm @

Project Assignment for
Nand Nandans ( 4 Graders)
Due April 10, 2011

  • Each student is expected
    to create one of the following designs:
  • Saree pattern design
  • Overall Saree design
  • Dhoti kurta design
  • (To be worn at an Indian cultural festival in America).
  • See the examples on this page.
  • Submit the final creation on
  • Poster Paper (card stock)size: 8.5"x11"
  • Medium: colored Markers, pencil colors, paper cuttings from magazines, fabric scraps etc.
  • Feel free to print and trace any of these figures, but the clothing color, pattern design and style should come from your imagination.
Dhoti Kurta Design Example 2