Annual Day Assignment for Bal Gopals- 4/17/2011
Bal Gopals are expected to memorize one Shloka and one Bhajan each assigned to their group.
The project (Spice and Grain Rangoli)
created by all the third graders will be displayed in the lobby at the entrance on Annual day.
Participating students will be recognized and awarded for their work.
Project Due Date :
April 10 between 12-2 pm @


Bal Gopals- ( 3 Graders-8 students)
    Prayer for God :Twameva mata 
    Bhajan: Hari mere ghar ko ye var do   
    1    Doshi    Kabir    3
    2    Kamaraju    Shravya    3
    3    Karani Jinal 3
    4    Krishnan Mira 3
    x    Morjaria    Nikita    3 can not come
    5    Paradkar    Priyanka    3
    x    Parikh    Rahul    3 can not come
    6   Pawar    Aishani    3
    7    Ray    Ronit    3 
    x  Shah    Ashka    3 can not come
    8  Sumit    Tanvi    3


 Example created by a student for another class

Example 2

Project Due Date :
April 10 between 12-2 pm @

Spring Break Project Assignment 
Bal Gopals ( 3 Graders)
Due April 10, 2011

  • Each student is expected to work on  creating a spice and grain Rangoli on paper plate .
  • Students are free to chose any Indian spices and grains they like.(e.g. rice, daals, seeds  etc)
  • See the examples on this page. 
  • The emphasis should be on the design and the colors.
  • Submit the final creation on
  • Thick Paper Plate size: 8" Diameter
  • Medium: colored Markers, grains and seeds glued to the pattern to enhance the design.

Example 3